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Xylophone Articles

Jiving joy from a family that swings together

KITTY, DAISY and LEWIS Manning Bar, December 10

Forget The Abridged Version: Coathanger's Ode To Be An All-day Overture

IT BEGINS with the rattle and hum of percussion instruments, drums and xylophone, then come the string and the wind instruments soaring in an exhilarating arc of melody.

Devil In Disguise

Chris Isaak is strumming a guitar and singing an old song about a pretty "fraulein". His drummer, Kenney Dale Johnson, keeps time with a tambourine and tiny, multi-colored xylophone. Next, the singer croons a late '50s hit by Hank Locklin. "Send me the pillow that you sleep on.&quo

Anti-easy Listening

The latest Anthrax album, Stomp 442, is something of a surprise. Apart from one rockin' track, the record creates an aural soundscape with its gentle moods and pastel colours. A panpipe suggests the flight of a bird, a xylophone evokes a waterfall. Yeah, right. Stomp 442 has Anthrax more

A Tickling Them Bones With Music And Mirth

TICKLE the skeleton and he will laugh his head off, play the xylophone of bones for a musical key, and the rain machine will cause a flood to carry you down a river in this week's solutions. Critical Path: for Max who is stuck in the packing room more
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